Interview with Creator Bob Sabiston

Why Ultima in this day and age of ultra realistic gaming? Something about the abstraction of those ultra-low resolution figures really sparks the imagination for me.  There’s just enough there to suggest what it is, but you supply the details in your head. The same goes for the world — seeing everything reduced to its…Read more Interview with Creator Bob Sabiston

TouchArcade on Lowlander II

"Hello, friends. Do you like Ultima? I'll only accept two answers to that question: (1) Heck yes, fool!, or (2) What even is that, you crusty old relic of a games writer? Well, whichever answer you selected, you'll want to keep your ears to the ground for the surely-impending release of Lowlander 2: Lowerlander." —Read…Read more TouchArcade on Lowlander II